*The following process also applies to Ukrainian nationals that have been rejected and haven’t obtained the Temporary Protection status.


This document proves that the police have identified and registered you. You receive it when you first enter Greece, in case you go through an identification check by the police. If you are not stopped or checked by the Greek Police, it can be issued at a later stage, following a referral issued by the authorities operating in a refugee camp in Greece or if you are led to a police station during a regular ID check. Yours may look different from this one.

Police upload all the personal data on your Police Note to the Alkyoni police computer system. This system is connected to the Eurodac system, where your fingerprints are stored.

Make sure all your personal information is correct on the card. Ask for corrections if you find mistakes. You have the right to ask for a translator to help you check or correct your information.

There are two important numbers on the note:

The willingness number: is the number given to the asylum seeker who expresses his / her wish to apply for asylum in Greece while being held in custody by the police. If someone expresses this will, the police are obliged to contact the asylum service to be transferred there and complete his asylum application registration (Full-registration). If the asylum seeker is released before being transferred to the Asylum Service for full registration, then the asylum seeker will have to go to the asylum service to complete the registration. Registration can be done online through the self-registration application. Your registration in mainland Greece can take place at the camp in Malakasa (near Athens) or the one in Diavata (near Thessaloniki).

The number ΔΙ.Κ.Α. or Δ.Κ.Α. (folder ID / DIKA): It is the file number for asylum seeker created by the asylum service or the police. Note that the same number (Δ.Κ.Α.) is written in the official note.



With a Police Note, you have the right to:

  • Apply for asylum as soon as possible.
  • Not be detained, if a detention order hasn’t been issued or hasn’t been clearly communicated to you
  • Get emergency health care

Your Police Note does not give you the right to:

  • Work in Greece
  • Travel outside Greece
  • Bring family members to Greece