How do I choose the university department I want to attend?

Every year, usually in June-July, Greek universities announce the number of foreign students they will accept in each department for the coming academic year. Any person who is not a citizen of the European Union and who is not a person having the European Union right to free movement, can access in the first year of Greek Universities by applying in the Ministry of Education.

The main criteria for the admission to Greek universities, is the overall mark of the applicants’ graduation certificate. The candidates should hold:

  • a graduation certificate attesting that they have been taught and successfully examined in the Greek language.
  • Or a B2 level Greek language certificate.

If the candidates do not hold any of these language certificates, they can only enroll in the next academic year of their admission to a Greek University, on condition that they will by then have obtained the prerequisite language certificate.

Tuition is free, and you don’t need to speak Greek to apply.

Study in Greece has an up-to-date search tool for all Greek university departments offering undergraduate studies.

How do I apply for a bachelor’s degree?

Enrollment happens each summer, around the end of July. The Ministry of Education announces the dates a few days in advance.

You use an online platform to choose the courses you prefer during the enrollment period, which lasts one week. Next, you send your application and several documents to the Ministry of Education.

The online platform will operate only during the days when applications are accepted. If you are visiting the platform on these days and it’s still not operational, reload the page or clear your browser’s memory.

Information on how to use the online platform to apply and what to do next is available in English here.

Gathering all the necessary documents can take a long time so it is important to start preparing as soon as possible.

What documents do I need to apply?

For the academic year 2019-2020, the Ministry of Education requested the following:

  • A copy of an ID, passport, Full Registration Card or Residence Permit, to prove your identity
  • Two ID-type photographs
  • A signed copy of the application (printed directly from the online platform)
  • A signed copy of the official statement (printed directly from the online platform)
  • A legible photocopy of your graduation certificate, officially translated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your embassy or consulate, or a Greek Lawyer. The original certificate to be translated should either have the Apostille stamp or a validation for the signature on it, by a Greek diplomatic authority.
  • Your graduation certificate and academic record, certified by one of the following:
  • The Directorate of Greek Studies Abroad, Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
  • Directorates of Secondary Education
  • Education officer at your embassy in Greece

Additionally, you need to provide a list of certificates from either an educational authority in your country of origin or from your national consulate in Greece that state the following:

  • Your origin and your parents' origin
  • That your graduation certificate entitles you to enter university in your country of origin
  • That the school you graduated from follows the curriculum in your country of origin.
  • That you have fully attended the last two classes of school in your country of origin and attended school courses from the beginning to the end of the school year, specifically mentioning which school years and what classes.

All documents must either have an Apostille stamp or a validation for their signature, by a Greek diplomatic authority.

You can see samples for the above documents, listed as forms, on pages 18-20, in the detailed instructions by the Greek Ministry of Education. Look at page 12 to find the instructions in English.

Note that the required documents might change again next year. You can visit Study in Greece for more information.

What if I don’t have the required documents?

For refugees with no paper or with incomplete papers, there is no possibility of recognition of previous qualifications, other than the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees but also this procedure does not guarantee entrance to higher education. So, unfortunately, for the moment, you CAN NOT APPLY.

The Greek government, Greek universities, UNHCR and NGOs working on education issues in Greece are all aware that many refugees are missing the required documents.

They are trying to find a solution to this problem, but they haven’t found one yet.

How will I know if I was accepted?

Acceptances are usually announced by the end of September, just a few days before registration starts.

Do I need to speak Greek to study in Greece?

  • You do not need to speak Greek when you apply to a Greek university.
  • You can spend your first year studying only Greek language.
  • However, before your second year starts, you must be fluent in Greek.
  • To prove you are fluent, you must get an official document called the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek.

How do I get the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek?

  • You must finish specific Greek language courses. Study in Greece has more information on these courses.
  • You must pass an exam. Exams are held twice a year, usually in March and September.

If you are a beginner in Greek, the process will take you almost 8 months. To get a head-start, find a free Greek class you can take now.


How much does the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek cost?

You will probably spend almost €500 to attend the courses, plus €50 to take the exams.

How much is tuition at Greek universities?

  • There are no tuition fees or registration costs for undergraduate studies in Greek universities.
  • Most of the books are also free, and you get access to university libraries.

Are there any benefits for university students in Greece?

  • Your university ID gets you discounts on transportation, tickets to cultural events, and services.
  • Some universities offer free meals to some students who need them.
  • A few offer free accommodation to a very small number of students who need it.

Do university students in Greece get medical insurance?

Yes, all university students get state medical insurance for as long as they are registered as students.

Organizations that can help

Applying to study in a Greek university can be a complicated process. You may want to ask an organization for help.

Study in Greece is a refugee-founded website and organization that can help you enroll in a Greek university. The Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs have both endorsed Study in Greece. The information is in English and Greek.



The Pierce has a tradition of providing scholarships (full or partial tuition reduction) to students who are considered to have an academic background and/or face financial need.

How to apply

  • Qualified candidates can submit an online application by visiting this link.
  • All applications must be submitted by August 31, 2020. Check the process for the upcoming academic year!
  • Scholarship recipients will be announced before the first day of classes.