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You can follow this article to find information and all the latest announcements by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum in Greece. Specifically:

  • When and where can you register
  • What to do if you hold an expired asylum seeker card (smart card)
  • The operational status of asylum offices

Operation of Services 

Below you will find the operation of the Asylum Service during the lockdown and under COVID-19 measures:

  • Interviews, registrations, and notification of decisions only occur by scheduled appointment.
  • Travel Documents and residence permits will be delivered to international protection beneficiaries upon a scheduled appointment.
  • Lodging of appeals against negative decisions: Quite exceptionally, and because of the restrictive legal deadlines, they will be conducted without a prior appointment.
  • Appeals Authority: On the day of the examination of your appeal, you are obliged to appear in person before the Appeals Committees in Athens. In case of non-appearance, your case will not be examined. For that reason, we strongly advise those living in Attica to present themselves before the Committees at the Appeals Authority's premises on the examination of their appeal.

You may not appear in person before the Appeals Committees only in the following cases: a) If you are represented by an authorized lawyer, who will appear in your place. b) If you reside at a reception or accommodation facility, as long as you submit, up to the day before the examination of the appeal, an attestation of residence dated no longer than three days before the examination of your appeal. c) If you reside in the Greek islands under geographical restriction, as long as you submit, up to the day before your appeal, an attestation of residence dated no longer than two days before the examination of your appeal.

  • Check if you have PAAYPA: Now, you can fill in the form here to confirm that you are assigned a PAAYPA. You can find the form in 23 languages.

Operation of the Regional Asylum Services

Registrations: Newly arrived persons who find themselves on the mainland and have not registered their applications for asylum at the Reception and Identification Centres at the borders (Fylakio in Evros, Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos) cannot, as a rule, currently, get registered in Regional Asylum Offices in the mainland. The competent Reception and Identification in the mainland for registrations of asylum applications are pending to be announced by the Ministry.


If you hold an expired asylum seekers card 

From July 1st, 2021, Asylum Service has started to issue and provide new smart cards (Δ.Α.Δ.Π.). These cards, the new Ιnternational Protection Applicant's Card, in the form of the smart card, will replace the old ones (triptychs) and are issued with a built-in microprocessor and electronic registration and renewal. They also include a unique number (UID), which is not modifiable and is related to a fingerprint, while the competent authorities of issuance and issuance will keep an electronic file.

To check for the time and date of your scheduled appointment for the replacement or the card renewal date, visit the online platform by entering your case number.


How to get your renewed International Protection card

You can only pick up your renewed cards by pre-scheduled appointments. Now, you can check your appointment to pick up your renewed international protection card (asylum card) online here. Renewed asylum cards are delivered either at the competent Regional Asylum Office or at the accommodation facility where you are registered. This information will be provided to you from the online platform. You will need to type your case number to see the date, time and place where you can receive your asylum card and your family members.

You will find more updates about the procedures if you are on an island here.

To comply with the protective measures for Covid 19, you should arrive at the indicated time and place not earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, wearing a mandatory mask.


Renewal of Residence Permits (ADET)

To renew your residence permit, you must apply by email at least 30 calendar days before the expiration day of your ADET to the Asylum Unit of International Protection Beneficiaries. The renewal application must be made electronically. You will receive a confirmation email from the Asylum Service. Once your application has been processed, you will be invited by e-maiemailto submit all the supporting documents to the Passport Office (or Aliens Office).

Important Announcement for Residence Permits (ADET) that expire by December 31st 2021

If you are a beneficiary of International Protection and your Residence Permit (ADET) expires by December 31st 2021, please apply for renewal by November 30th 2021. Applications for renewal are submitted electronically (via email to the following email address: GAS.residencepermits@migration.gov.gr

Please read the instructions here carefully before you submit the applications. Instructions are available in: Tigrinya ትግርኛ, Farsi فارسی, Arabic العربية, French Français, English, Greek.

Find here more details and all the instructions.



If you want to apply for asylum in Greece, first, you must register your claim with the Asylum Service (Full Registration).

According to the authorities, if you are on the Greek mainland and have not been registered upon entry into the country, you cannot do so at the Regional Asylum Offices. Still, two Reception and Identification Centres are pending to operate on the mainland for this purpose.

ATTENTION: Skype registration can only be applied for persons who have applied for international protection in the past and wish to apply again due to the existence of new and substantive elements regarding the asylum claim, which were not mentioned the first time they applied. The appointment for registration is scheduled many days after the SKYPE call. The days and times you can call the Asylum Service through Skype are based on your nationality and native language.

**Note: If you have completed pre-registration via Skype and have been given an appointment for the registration before a Regional Asylum Office, you will be notified the day of the interview to travel to one of the six existing RICs in Greece to register your asylum application.

  • Arabic: asylum.service.arabic
  • English-French: asylum.service
  • Albanian: asylum.service.shqip
  • Kurmanji: asylum.service.kurmanji
  • Pashto: asylum.service.pashto@gmail.com
  • Dari: asylum.service.farsi.dari
  • Farsi: asylum.service.farsi.dari
  • Georgian: asylum.service.georgian@gmail.com
  • Sorani: asylum.service.sorani
  • Urdu-Punjabi: asylum.service.urdu
  • Hindi: asylum.service.hindi@gmail.com
  • Russian-Ukrainian: asylum.service.russian@gmail.com
  • Syria Fast-track: asylum.service.syria
  • Chinese: asylum.service.chinesse@gmail.com
  • Bengali: asylum.service.bangla

The schedule to make a call for your international protection request depends on the language you speak and the region you live. Here you can check the schedule in 16 different languages.



Here are the services that you can do online. 

Find here the website of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum website, where you can find only information in English and Greek.