Updated at: 2021/01/14

For cash assistance, you need to enroll.
You and all of your family members need to have received identification documents from the police or other Greek authorities to be able to enroll.

There may be a waiting time before you can enroll.
You will get an appointment for enrollment from the police or Reception and Identification Service (RIS) authorities when you receive your identification document.

If you are eligible for cash assistance, you and your family will receive 1 cash card. If you have children over 18 years old, they will enroll separately and receive their own cash card.

The cash card will be re-loaded the first Friday of the month after your presence at your place of residence is certified.

Additional Information

Please note: Mercy Corps does not distribute cash cards. The cash office can only help you with the services described above.




Alkaiou 1 & Koudourioti

3rd floor

Address in Local Language

Αλκαιου 1 & Κουντουριωτη

Contact Information

phone: +306945613354


Alkaiou 1 & Koudourioti, Mytilene


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